Free Sitemap Counter

The sitemap counter tool is used to count several sitemap indexes or URLs. Paste the URL of the sitemap in the form below and you will get several sitemap indexes or URLs and a list of sitemap indexes or URLs.

What is a Sitemap Counter?

Sitemap counter is a tool that helps you find the number of pages or links available on any website you want to know. In larger websites, pages might be subdivided into sitemap indexes. With our tool, you can find out the number of sitemap indexes and pages on each sitemap index.

What is a sitemap?

Sitemap is a file (mostly XML file) that provides a list of pages available on your website and provides additional information about the page. It can provide information like the last time the page was updated, updated interval, and priority for crawling.

Why do we need a sitemap?

Sitemap helps search engines like Google, Bing, etc to find out all the pages available on your website. So that it can crawl the pages and index them. Without a sitemap search engines might be able to find out all the pages on your website. For larger websites, a lot of pages might not be indexed which will greatly impact your web traffic.

Do we need to update the sitemap regularly?

We should update the sitemap so that search engines can find out the status of your website; some pages might be created, updated, or deleted. This information needs to be reflected in your sitemap.

Why do you need sitemap counter tool?

  1. This sitemap counter tool helps to find out the list of pages available on your website. So that you can ensure all the pages are listed in your sitemap.
  2. This sitemap counter tool helps to list out sitemaps in a more human-readable format. The XML format is difficult to read for general users.
  3. You can compare the sitemap of your website with your competitor and update what you missed in comparison to your competitor.
  4. This sitemap counter tool is free you can use the tool as many times as you want.